Sunday, September 9, 2012

Entry 773 Mt. St. Helens

We took a scenic drive to Mt. St. Helens today.  It was simply amazing to witness the power of God in His reshaping the earth's surface.  As I read the many pieces of information, viewed the pictures and videos, and listened to various park service personnel, I couldn't help but think of the arrogance of man, in his believing that we humans have any control over the natural functions of our planet!  The degree of the devastation in 1980, and then the subsequent rebirth of the land, so far surpasses anything we small humans can even dream of doing. Our pictures are a mixture from four different cameras.  The primary camera, the Nikon, died early on because I had failed to charge the battery the night before.  So, we used our old Sony and the two Samsung cell phones.  There are a few pictures from the quaint little restaurant where we enjoyed dinner, and a mural at a small town that boasted itself as the gateway to Mt. St. Helens.  Other than those, the pictures are varying views of the mountains and the surrounding terrain.  Enjoy the slideshow!
Mt St Helens Slideshow

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