Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Entry 779 Desert

It's been awhile since I have made a post on this blog.  We are back on the road and loving it!  These are a few pictures from our travels over the past several days through the desert.  Enjoy!
Desert Slideshow

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Entry 778 Seattle

I have already posted pictures from our trip to Seattle and the Space Needle.  However, I missed these few from our phones.
Seattle Slideshow

Entry 777 Roseburg

Around the 12th we spent a few days in the area of Roseburg, Oregon.  One of our day trips was to Watson Falls in the Umpqua National Forest.  The slideshow contains pictures from the area and our trip to the falls.  Enjoy!
Roseburg Slideshow

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Entry 776 Road to Myrtle Creek

We had a nice drive from Washington to Myrtle Creek, Oregon.  I took some pictures, but they were mostly from my passenger seat while traveling down the road.  So, there are some that are not as good as they could be.
Road to Myrtle Creek Slideshow

Entry 775 Grove of States

We made a stop at the Blalock Rest Area on our way to Myrtle Creek, and they had a Grove of the States, with the states trees.  I got most of them.  Enjoy the slideshow!
Grove of the States Slideshow

Monday, September 10, 2012

Entry 774 Space Needle

After worship in Seattle yesterday, we did our tourist bit.  The Space Needle and Pike's Market Place was as much as we were able to do in the short amount of time we had left.  But, it was wonderful!  The views from the top were just spectacular, and the pictures don't really do it justice.  I was surprised that they took the "to be expected" photo as we entered, and then actually sent it to our email address without any charge!  Enjoy the short slideshow!
Space Needle Slideshow

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Entry 773 Mt. St. Helens

We took a scenic drive to Mt. St. Helens today.  It was simply amazing to witness the power of God in His reshaping the earth's surface.  As I read the many pieces of information, viewed the pictures and videos, and listened to various park service personnel, I couldn't help but think of the arrogance of man, in his believing that we humans have any control over the natural functions of our planet!  The degree of the devastation in 1980, and then the subsequent rebirth of the land, so far surpasses anything we small humans can even dream of doing. Our pictures are a mixture from four different cameras.  The primary camera, the Nikon, died early on because I had failed to charge the battery the night before.  So, we used our old Sony and the two Samsung cell phones.  There are a few pictures from the quaint little restaurant where we enjoyed dinner, and a mural at a small town that boasted itself as the gateway to Mt. St. Helens.  Other than those, the pictures are varying views of the mountains and the surrounding terrain.  Enjoy the slideshow!
Mt St Helens Slideshow

Friday, September 7, 2012

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Entry 771 Coeur d'Alene Scenic Byway

We drove the Coeur d'Alene Scenic Byway today and it was spectacular!  Finishing up the day at the lake, with a beautiful sunset, was the icing on the cake.  Enjoy the slideshow!
Coeur d'Alene Scenic Byway Slideshow

Entry 770 Road to Coeur d'Alene

Yesterday we traveled from White Sulphur Springs, Montana to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.  These are a few pictures from that drive.  Enjoy!
Road to Coeur d'Alene Slideshow

Entry 769 WSS Labor Day Parade

White Sulphur Springs is a small town in Montana, surrounded by mountains, herds of pronghorn antelope, cattle, horses, and numerous other animals and beautiful landscapes.  The town itself boasts a population of some 900 residents.  This Labor Day they put on a parade.  As they passed in front of us, the song, "Ain't that America" kept going through my mind.  See what you think as you look at this very short slideshow of a very short parade in small town America!
WSS Labor Day Parade Slideshow

Friday, August 31, 2012

Entry 768 Marquis De Mores

When we went to Medora we had the opportunity to tour the Marquis De Mores house.  He was a man from France who came to Montana for the gold, and then decided to become a rancher.  He opened up a meat processing plant in order to ship his beef to the cities in the east.  Unfortunately, our camera's battery died, so we had to take pictures from with our phones.  Enjoy the slideshow!
Marquis De Mores Slideshow

Entry 767 Various Trips

Over the course of the summer we have taken various trips, of which, most I have already posted slideshows from our camera.  These are a series of short slideshows from our phones.
Banff Slideshow
Cathedral Slideshow
Ennis Slideshow
Fort Benton Slideshow
Gates to the Mountains Slideshow
Medora Musical Slideshow
T Roosevelt Park Slideshow
Virginia City Slideshow

Entry 766 Deer Park Museum

When our camera was stolen we lost the pictures we had taken while touring the Deer Park Museum.  However, we still took a few pictures with our phones.  This is all we have.  Enjoy!
Deer Park Slideshow

Entry 765 Wilsall

On our way to the Beartooth Highway we went through the quaint little town of Wilsall.  Enjoy the short slideshow!
Wilsall Slideshow

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Entry 764 White Sulphur Springs

We have been living in White Sulphur Springs, Montana since May.  The other day we took the walking/driving tour of the town.  I have captioned the pictures in the slideshow.  Enjoy!
White Sulphur Springs Slideshow

Entry 763 Mens Retreat

Back in May, when we first arrived in Montana, I went to a men's retreat in Augusta, Montana.  These are pictures I took along the way and at the retreat.  Enjoy the slideshow!
Mens Retreat Slideshow

Entry 762 Red Lodge

We came to Red Lodge at the end of the Beartooth Highway and spent the night at the Irish Rose B&B. The next day I completed the walking/driving tour of this quaint old town.  The slideshow has pictures of plaques or portions of the brochure to help identify some of the buildings.  Enjoy!
Red Lodge Slideshow

Entry 761 Helena Cathedral

We spent the other day in Helena, and while we were there we toured the local cathedral.  The slideshow has some beautiful pictures.
Helena Cathedral Slideshow

Entry 760 Medora & Theo Roosevelt Park

On the second weekend in August we took a small road trip to Medora, North Dakota.  The quaint little town, with its connection to President Theodore Roosevelt had much to see and enjoy.  Three days were barely enough.  We enjoyed the Medora Musical, a patriotic musical with a nice variety of music and dancing, along with a nice gospel portion. Etta May did a fantastic stand-up routine that had us laughing with tears streaming.  Prior to the musical we enjoyed a pitchfork steak fondue dinner.  The Theodore Roosevelt National Park, with its painted canyon and herds of Bison was spectacular!  The slideshow is long, but well worth your time.  So, sit back and enjoy!
Medora and Roosevelt Park Slideshow

Entry 759 Livingston Railroad Museum

On the fifth of this month we visited the Livingston Railroad Museum.  Although small, it was interesting and informative.  Enjoy this very short slideshow!
Livingston Railroad Museum Slideshow

Entry 758 Fort Benton

In the middle of July we took a road trip to Fort Benton.  It happened to be at the same time that they were hosting a state swimming competition, so there were a lot of other people there.  We didn't let it phase us, we are the ultimate tourists, walking around with camera in hand.  Enjoy the slideshow!
Fort Benton Slideshow

Entry 757 Virginia City

Virginia City is the twin to Nevada City, both being ghost towns.  However, Virginia City is not so much.  It is a small, thriving, tourist town with a lot to see and do.  We enjoyed the history and the sights.  Hope you do too!
Virginia City Slideshow

Entry 756 Nevada City

Nevada City is an old ghost town where the locals have put together a seasonal re-enactment with people in character, telling the story of Montana in its formative years.  There is also a fantastic music box museum with working machines that remind us of a bygone era.  Enjoy the slideshow!
Nevada City Slideshow

Entry 755 Ennis

When we took a little road trip in early July, Ennis was an unscheduled, pleasant surprise.  The pictures don't do justice to the eagle nest, but we tried.  Enjoy the short slide show!

Ennis Slideshow

Entry 754 Gates to the Mountains

This day trip in early July took us on a boat trip up the Missouri River to the Gates to the Mountains.  If you look at about four or five pictures near the center of the slideshow in succession, you can see the "gate" that Lewis & Clark saw that prompted them to name this beautiful natural landmark.  There are also a number of pictures of an immature Bald Eagle.  Enjoy the short slideshow!
Gates to the Mountains Slideshow

Entry 753 Mountain Man Rendezvous

At the end of June we went to a special event in Lewistown, Montana.  The Mountain Man Rendezvous was like taking a step back in time.  These muzzle loader aficionados really got into character.  Aside from  being very friendly, they also let me shoot one of these unique weapons.  I was surprised at how accurate they are.  This is a short slideshow.  Enjoy!
Mountain Man Rendezvous Slideshow

Entry 752 Canada 06-23-25-2012

In June we took a short trip up into Canada to see Banff International Park, Lake Louise, and Lake Moraine.  It was simply amazing!  We started out tent camping, but the rain put a damper on that, so we spent the next couple of nights in a hotel in Canmore, Alberta, the gateway to Banff.  On the last day of our trip, while at Lake Louise, the sun appeared and the views were just heavenly!  There are a lot of pictures in the slideshow, but I think you will find it worth your time.  So, grab a cup of coffee, sit back and enjoy!
Alberta, Canada Slideshow

Entry 751 Beartooth Highway 08-25-2012

We spent this last weekend leisurely driving a loop from White Sulphur Springs to the Beartooth Highway, a mountain pass that reaches a height of nearly 11,000 feet as is twists and winds through Wyoming and Montana.  It was a truly spectacular drive!  I have included a map of the Beartooth Highway to provide some reference points as you make your way through the slideshow.  If some of the pictures seem a little hazy, it's because of all the smoke in the air from the recent fires, but you can still get a taste of the beauty.  There are a lot of pictures, so sit back and enjoy!
Beartooth Highway Slideshow

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Entry 750 Malibu

We had a wonderful time at the Pepperdine Bible Lectureships in Malibu.  Enjoy the slideshow!
Malibu Slideshow

Entry 749 Road to California

On the road to California we took a few pictures, from Texas, through New Mexico, Arizona, and California.  Enjoy!
Road to California Slideshow

Entry 748 Kerrville

On the road to California, we spent a little time in Kerrville.  These are a few pictures.
 Kerrville Slideshow

Entry 747 Morro Bay 04-28-2012

 On April 28th we had a really good time with the family at Morro Bay.  These are a few of the picture.
Morro Bay Slideshow

Friday, March 2, 2012

Entry 746 San Antonio February 2012

San Antonio Slideshow

  We had a nice little three day getaway in San Antonio.  We stayed at the The St. Anthony Riverwalk Wyndham Hotel.  It was built in 1909 and has had numerous celebrity guests, including Princess Grace of Monaco and John Wayne.  Our room was very quaint, with four poster beds that were so high we had to get a step-stool for Una ;>)  Our first room had a toilet that was so close to the floor that it came up half way on Una's calf.  I complained, asking for a handicapped room, so they switched us to a room that had much better toilets, and, as a bonus, it was larger and had two bathrooms.  The first morning we had to take cold showers because they were working on the hot water system and we didn't get the notice.  So, to compensate us for the inconvenience, we received our parking free, a $49 value, plus two of our meals, another $36!  Pretty good compensation for a cold shower.  The second morning we were able to take baths in bathtubs that actually hold enough water to cover our entire bodies, something modern bathtubs don't provide.

The Riverwalk was nice, as well as, the Alamo.  After walking around with my walker for a few hours, I was done.  So, I went back to the hotel and enjoyed a relaxing time.  All in all, we had a wonderful time in San Antonio.  We stopped in Luling at Buc-ees on the way home.  That was an experience.  Then we went by Woodcrafters in Houston, where I bought some nice wood to turn.  And then, of course, we traversed Houston through rush-hour traffic, reminding us why we like to be in other places.  God willing, we should be through with all this medical stuff in another month, and then get on the road.

Enjoy the slideshow!